The shortcut to

Dating success

From Dating to Love

Do you want to improve your dating life? Are you frustrated with a lack of results, ghosting, and wasting time dating the wrong persons? Then this book is for you.

From dating to love

Tired of bad dates?

From Dating to Love is a book full of dating tips and concrete exercises to help you improve your dating life. The book will help you define what you are truly looking for and then go and get it! 


Among many other things, this book will help you achieve the following:

From Dating to Love is a research-based book drawing from the most recent research from the US and Denmark. It’s a hands-on easy-to-follow book with exercises that will move you forward and into a place where dating and single-life is enjoyable and fun. 


You should buy this book if you have grown tired of meaningless dates and not getting anywhere. This book will help you understand your needs and then select the right dates for you. 

What you get

What the book is not

This book is not a manual and guide how to get laid quick. It’s not a guide to manipulate people to like you. Because ultimately you cannot make other people like you in the long run. 


The trick to dating is to know what you want. It is harder than you think to actually put into words what you are looking for. But when you know that dating will be much easier, more fun, and less frustrating. 

Gratis e-bog om dating

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Steven Højlund